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Harmonie online, December 2014

Jan Vičar Hands Out Musical Presents

Harmonie online, 2.12.2014, Tomáš Koutný

A cross-section of Vičar´s compositional output was ushered in by the first of the evening´s two anticipated premieres, the cycle of Six Capricious Songs, performed by Barbora Polášková, soloist of the Olomouc opera house, with Markéta Janáčková at the piano. Polášková is endowed with a truly remarkable vocal range, her mezzo deserving equal praise for its dark timbre pleasing to the ear.... In the subsequent programme, Barbora Polášková was joined by the complete Janáček Trio under the direction of Markéta Janáčková, in an account of Four Songs to the Words of Jiří Žáček, which captivated the audience most notably by the utterly flawless harmony of ensemble and soloist... A much similar mood then prevailed in the following rendition of The Instructions of Shuruppak for mezzo-soprano and harp. There, Barbora Polášková, again brilliant, was seconded by a top-class harpist, Ivana Dohnalová.


OperaPlus, November 2014

Jan Vičar: Concert Marking His 65th Birthday

OperaPlus, 30.11.2014, Martina Pudelová

Definitely figuring among the production´s assets was its choice of interpreters, all of them outstanding soloists... The evening took off with mezzo-soprano Barbora Polášková, accompanied by pianist Markéta Janáčková. They performed the cycle of Six Capricious Songs, settings of texts by Ivan Janík and Jiří Žáček. Polášková, soloist of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc, rendered them with an air of playfulness and a good deal of individual approach.



Jičínský deník, July 2014

Jičín´s Dvořák Festival Reaches Its Peak

Zdeněk Vokurka, 11.7.2014, Jičínský deník

The concert set in relief the sheer wealth of the potential available to the festival´s dramaturgy. Its pick of creative talent for the programme was first-class, featuring three fascinating artists: harpist Kateřina Englichová, viola player Jitka Hosprová, and mezzo-soprano Barbora Polášková. Their performances deserve the highest critical appraisal.

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Interview, Radniční listy Olomouc, October 2013

Interview with Barbora Polášková, Radniční listy, Olomouc, October 2013

Opera is very much like a football game, only you´ve got to think more while doing it, says Barbora Polášková, mezzo-soprano of the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc.

Do you believe you are flexible? If so, you have most likely never met opera singer Barbora Polášková. This charming young lady endowed with an inimitable voice with which she can safely pin the audience down to their seats, speaks several languages, can dance and play musical instruments, and on top of it all, is able to study the role of Carmen in five days, or will ask for just a few hours of preparatory training before standing in for an indisposed colleague on a stage far away from home. “I am tenacious and purposeful enough, and stubborn too, sometimes perhaps even going a bit over the top there,” says mezzo Barbora Polášková with a chuckle. “But then, hard work and real zest for it will get you the farthest in your pursuits.”


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Hudební rozhledy, October 2013

Hudební rozhledy, October 2013

Review of a Concert at the Festival of Chamber Music Český Krumlov, 7.7.2013, Barbora Polášková and Duo Simpre Nuevo.

An artist who has worked with them regularly and who joined them for the festival´s closing concert was mezzo-soprano Barbora Polášková, soloist of the opera houses of Olomouc and Plzeň. ... Barbora Polášková, too, contributed a pleasant surprise, in a performance standing out for spontaneity of rendition and a tender yet sonorous voice controlled by flawless technique.


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