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Hudební rozhledy - Concerts with Zdeněk Mácal and Prague Symphony Orchestra, March 2011

Hudební rozhledy magazine, No. 3/2011, p. 14, Ludvík Kašpárek

Review of the concerts with Zdeněk Mácal and Prague Symphony Orchestra, 26th and 27th of January 2011.

Appearing before the audience as the songs´ interpreter was the exquisite mezzo-soprano, Barbora Polášková. The convincingness with which this young artist gave proof of her ambitions as one of the most notable representatives of the up-and-coming generation of singers, was truly awesome. She demonstrated flawless feeling for the atmosphere of each song, her cultured voice carrying without any problem, with utter ease and avoiding even the slightest hint of excessive force, over the orchestral web modelled with great restraint by Mácal. What proved particularly imposing was not just the sheer volume, but also the range of her pleasant voice, resonant even in extreme registers.